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Individual Speech Therapy

Individual speech therapy is the foundation of our speech therapy program, and research backs us up – it works! We implement a child-centered, play based speech therapy program with a strong focus on caregiver training. We provide individual therapy 1-3 times per week in your home, private school, or daycare to help children achieve their language goals in a timely manner. Our goals are always focused upon the development of functional communication skills, and we use research to guide us in the selection of goals that meet the needs of your child. Life Skills Therapy is committed to working closely with families in order to establish a “home program” to help with speech therapy.

For many of our younger clients, the home program that we show parents is simply taking the time to play on the floor with your child each day, using his or her preferred toys, and frequently repeating language targets to help your little one achieve their language goals. Many times we adults forget how to “play”! We will show you how to make the experience enjoyable and interactive, with no pressure on you or your child other than to just have fun and enjoy the process! You will be very happily surprised by the results.

For older kids, we provide home practice worksheets, “word of the week” (for articulation sounds), language related projects, and home programs to supplement social language and perspective taking for social skills development. Our sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Our evaluations are all done by a Master’s level speech pathologist. Once that has been completed, the therapy can be done by a fully licensed Master’s level speech language pathologist (SLP) or a fully licensed bachelor’s-level speech pathologist assistant (SLPA). Our SLPs and SLPAs are all very experienced in helping children improve all aspects of their language and social skills.

In Home Therapy...Serving the Greater Houston Area
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