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  • At Life Skills Therapy, we bring speech therapy and social skills training to you! Please let us know the address of where therapy will be taking place. Whether it is a private home, apartment, private school, or daycare - we come to you for speech therapy in Houston!
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Life Therapy is not on any insurance panels, but our services are eligible for out-of-network insurance reimbursement from health insurance companies and employee benefit plans including FSA and HSA programs that offer coverage for speech therapy services. We provide these to you as requested in the form of a “superbill”, which you will then submit to your insurance provider or benefit plan in order to seek reimbursement.

We prefer not to be on any health insurance panels due to the following:

  • Insurance panels limit the privacy and confidentiality of the client
  • Requiring a diagnosis with certain criteria of standard scores to be met (which may result in denials due to clients being “not severe enough” to warrant therapy)
  • Management to “keep costs down” restricting access to services by potentially limiting the number of sessions or low reimbursement rates that doesn’t cover cost of business
  • Extensive justification paperwork

By being out-of-network, Life Skills Therapy is able to offer the highest-quality of speech therapy service to our clients, by focusing on what really matters – helping your child build functional communication skills.

In Home Therapy...Serving the Greater Houston Area
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