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First, I must just say WOW! Sean has been such a special addition to our family life and he’s had such a tremendous impact on my son. My son is 12 years old with bilateral hearing loss (not deaf) that wasn’t diagnosed until he was 9. This causes him to have verbal reasoning delays, challenges with speech cadence, social intuition, and intellectual empathy. Sean has such a fun way of helping him to learn and understand social nuances. Every time Sean works with my son I hear him laughing and picking up on more and more. Outside of their sessions I’ve seen my son mature and overall have better judgment. I feel so fortunate for the reviews that helped me select Sean, which is why I’m adding this one as well. I want other parents to have the same successes we’ve had as a family. Wishing you all the best!

Angel F

Sean is a highly skilled speech therapist. My daughter was having a slight stuttering problem and Sean was able to help her overcome it! I couldn’t be more satisfied with his therapy techniques.

Nancy C

Sean was amazing today with my son for his first session.


“It can be hard to find a speech therapist who “clicks” with older kids, but Sean made an immediate connection with our preteen. He incorporates our son’s interests into therapy, which keeps him engaged from week to week. Amazingly our son is actually excited to do therapy because he knows they will be talking about Fortnite or Star Wars.

Sean also works with our younger daughter and has a great connection with her as well. She has no idea she’s doing therapy, she’s just ‘playing with Mr Sean!’ “

Katie A

“We’ve loved our experience with Life Skills Therapy. Our daughter took to Sean from day one. She looks forward to her weekly speech sessions with him. He’s playful and makes the sessions fun while remaining laser focused on working toward her goals. We’ve noticed a big improvement in terms of her language development and putting more words together. And, we continue to see improvements each week.

He’s not only great with the children he treats, but he’s wonderful with parents as well. He takes time to communicate with us about the session and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns. Just as importantly, he provides us with activities that we can continue at home for extra practice, which I really appreciate. He clearly cares about the children and their progress. We would absolutely recommend Sean to anyone who is looking for services.”

Emily B

“My son was diagnosed with a speech delay by our pediatrician, but it wasn’t “bad” enough for him to qualify for the Early Childhood Intervention program available through the state of Texas. He began to get very frustrated when he couldn’t communicate and started acting out, so when the opportunity to start speech therapy with Life Skills Therapy through his daycare became available, I was glad to have another evaluation. My son started therapy with Sean Ferguson after an extensive evaluation of his communication strengths and weaknesses. Sean was a great help to our family and my son has made great strides in his communication skills. He also learned social skills and improved listening. After just 2 months of speech therapy sessions twice a week, my son had improved enough to only require weekly therapy. He continues to make great strides and is projected to no longer require speech therapy after another few months. It has been such a relief to watch my son advance with his speech communication in a meaningful way and now he loves to describe and engage with the world around him. I’m very thankful he was able to have speech therapy through Life Skills Therapy.”

Kelly E

“We’ve had the privilege of working with Sean this summer in regards to our 3 year old son who experienced regression in speech. Over the course of a month we’ve noticed significant improvement in his speech abilities in the form of requests, new words, playfulness with other kids. Our goal is to get him ready for kindergarten and we believe Life Skills Therapy has indeed helped.”

Rory J

“Sean has been working with my son for almost a year now and the transformation has been amazing. His speech gets better every week. Sean has a great relationship with my son who looks forward to their sessions. Highly recommended.”

Maggie J

“I have seen vast improvements in my son’s speech and vocabulary since beginning therapy a few months ago. Sean is great and my son talks about him all the time as well. Thank you!”

Stefanie G

“Highly recommended. I am very happy with the results!”

Mercedes M

“Excelente atención, mi hijo está tan a gusto con su terapeuta.”

Translation: “Excellent attention, my son is so comfortable with his therapist”

Karla L

“Sean began speech therapy when my client was 5 months old. My client was born at 30 weeks gestation and hadn’t yet begun smiling socially or making the coos newborns make by this age. Knowing early intervention is the key, Sean was brought in to assist my client in developing these age-appropriate milestones. From the beginning Sean exuded dedication and determination, always looking out for my clients best interest. After nearly 3 years of therapy, I would consider Sean to be part of the family. He has been one of my client’s biggest cheerleaders and advocates. My client has an immense joy for “Mr. Sean days” and talks about him even when he isn’t there. I can honestly say, I don’t know where my client would be without the skills he acquired while working with Sean these past few years. Not only have the skills assisted him in more fluent speech, but also in learning age-appropriate social cues and social awareness. Thank you for supporting my client and helping to make his future brighter. ”

Jenn S.
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