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Social Skills

Life Skills Therapy offers social skills groups for kids of all ages (and adults). Our group classes focus on teaching the various foundational and higher level skills of social development through perspective taking and development of a strong theory of mind. For our younger clients, we keep the group size to a maximum of 5-6 students and teach the classes using books, games, role-playing activities, and group projects. For our older clients, we teach skills necessary to be successful in the academic setting and workforce, as well as the skills necessary to build relationships, form friendships, and meet new people. We also offer individual social skills sessions to work on targeted social communication goals. Our goal is to help everybody become Socially Happy!

In the groups, we teach all aspects of social skill development, self-regulation, and perspective taking. These valuable classes are an opportunity for children to work together within the small-group setting to practice social skills. The groups focus on development of social skills by completing group activities and developing perspective taking skills though reflective prompts and discussions. We have group play activities, games, art/craft projects, and snacks. The classes will utilize the Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation programs as a foundation, and include our own ideas as well.

Our social skills classes at Life Skills Therapy teach kids to take the perspective of others and learn strategies so that they can regulate their emotions and their behavior within social settings. We work closely with parents in order to help them to carryover the use of strategies at home so that their children can be as successful as possible. We do social skills training in individual therapy sessions (within the client's home or private school) and within group therapy classes (currently at the Lovett Center). Our classes are always interactive, fun, and child-centered! We make the lesson relevant to the child's life and bring in games and interesting activities to deepen learning. We also match peers within the groups by their age and skill level. We utilize the Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation programs in our classes, and with great success. As with all aspects of the therapy that we do - we make learning fun! Our goal is to set children up for social success now and for the future – so that they can form and be a part of peer groups, ace job interviews, and build relationships with others.

Group classes run 45 minutes and are $125 per session. Please contact us for more information!

Call us at (832) 786-1560 or email if you would like to be enrolled at an upcoming class!

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In Home Therapy...Serving the Greater Houston Area
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