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About Our Company

Life Skills Therapy is a boutique speech therapy company that provides FUN and functional speech therapy in the comfort of your home, private school, and daycare. At Life Skills Therapy we have one goal, and that is to give each and every child a voice and the confidence to use it! Our wonderful team of speech therapists are all trained in making therapy FUN while filled with speech and language activities specifically tailored for that unique child and their family. We focus on helping kids with speech delay, kids with difficulties making sounds, and kids with social skill challenges.

As a boutique provider of therapy, we customize each treatment plan for each child and have an extensive focus on caregiver training to carryover skill development with the family at home. We also provide group therapy classes to help children with social challenges, ADHD, and difficulty relating to others. We utilize a play-based therapy model and bring lots of laughter to the therapy session with our motto: “When children are laughing, they are learning!” We love helping children who struggle with communication progress into empowered individuals able to express their wants and needs!

In Home Therapy...Serving the Greater Houston Area
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